At Lovelia Floral we just want to make you smile, to celebrate with you and to remind you how beautiful and loved you are, by making amazing huggable blooms made with love.

What the world needs now, is LOVE sweet LOVE
— Jackie DeShannon
The hands behind Lovelia

The hands behind Lovelia


My name is Maria Jose, I am a Floral designer, Industrial designer and Event planner… In few words I am a complete Lover of Beauty and LOVE!

After working as a Wedding planner, Florist and Bridal stylist…I found myself surrounded by love. At home, my family and my multiple jobs where the only thing I used to hear was inspiring love stories! I knew it was time for me to share and spread the love I receive everyday .

I truly believe that when you feel loved, supported, surrounded by positive people and most important : When you love yourself… incredible things you can make it happen!


Lovelia Floral is more than just a Floral design studio. It is a way to remind us how loved we are, how we can easily turn a bad day into an amazing moment, make someone´s day and practice love everywhere we go through beautiful flowers made with love.

All this is Lovelia.Floral, a fun, romantic and feminine brand.

Because we believe that life can be beautiful if you just want to! That Mondays are less Monday with some cute flowers on your desk, because we all have fears and we just need a little bit of love to believe in ourselves and because no matter how busy we are, we like to stop and give/receive some love.



Never underestimate the power of a hug!

In Lovelia. floral we believe in the magical power of hugs. A hug is a way to share energy, to share love, to heal, to create this feeling of safety, to share good and bad moments, to cheer our spirits and make us smile.

We believe that everything is energy and by making our design with love and care, and by giving them with the heart, its a way to share some love.

Our mission is to spread love and by hugging something so beautiful, puffy and full with flowers ( with a delicious smell too ) given with so much love and good energy… MAGIC happens!